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Get paid to watch Derry Girls? A grand idea...


The cast of Derry Girls

The cast of Derry Girls

The cast of Derry Girls

The great majority of us won’t need much of an incentive to sit on a sofa and binge-watch quality television programmes.

But can you imagine someone actually paying you £1,000 to do it?

A new ‘job opportunity’ means you don’t have to imagine it.

Lenstore, the contact lens suppliers, are on the lookout for someone who can watch a variety of TV shows and then answer a question-based survey which helps the company identify the most ‘bingeable’ ones.

After that, you can pocket £1,000 as compensation for your eyes going square.

The good news is, the list of shows they have chosen for the prospective couch potatoes is impressive.

Two of them the hit comedy Derry Girls and period drama Bridgerton feature Nicola Coughlan, while detective series Bloodlands, which was set and filmed here, stars James Nesbitt as a cop harbouring some rather deadly secrets.

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The other series on offer include gangster epic Peaky Blinders, science fiction horror Stranger Things, teen angst drama Euphoria and Spanish crime thriller Money Heist.

A Lenstore spokesperson told the Belfast Telegraph: “The successful applicant will be someone who enjoys spending lazy days switching between streaming services whilst watching the same shows on repeat basically a glorified Netflix chiller.

“The winner will have to watch ten different shows, including established hits such as Bridgerton and Love is Blind along with other new releases set to return in 2022.

“As a reward for their copious bingeing, the candidate will be paid £1,000 and receive a year’s supply of eye drops...”

The ‘bingeability’ of a series will be determined by the viewer’s answers to a series of survey questions about how attention-grabbing a particular show is, and how inclined they were to press ‘next episode’ on their remote control.

Although we seem to have been doing it for many years, using DVD box-sets the term “binge-watching” was only recognised by the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013.

Made even more popular by the streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple and Channel 4’s Walter Presents who make an entire series available at once the term relates to watching two or more episodes at a time.

The BBC, initially reluctant to get involved, regularly makes drama series such as The Tourist, the Australian Outback-set thriller starring Jamie Dornan available in their entirety on iPlayer.

And even those of us who were never prone to bingeing in the past found that the Covid-19 lockdowns soon changed all that.

But anyone interested in becoming a paid binge-watcher will need to hurry; applications close this Sunday, January 30, and terms and conditions apply.

It’s not the first time the contact lens company has tried something wacky in the interests of research. Five years ago, they introduced a quiz based on finding how keen the human eye is at spotting hidden objects in a colourful background.

Participants were given 45 seconds to find the item in each of the five images.

The results showed that women performed better than men: the average score for women was 2.33 versus 1.96 for men, and women also took one less second (21.6s average), and one less attempt (3.8 average) than their male counterparts.

England, with an average of 2.17, scored the highest out of the home nations while Northern Ireland scored the lowest with a 1.71 average.

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