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Hannah Montana Forever hits the Disney Channel

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Hannah Montana Forever Hits the Disney Channel

The new series of Hannah Montana Forever began on the Disney Channel at the start of October with a double bill of the popular American show. Many fans of the programme will be sad that it’s the final series featuring Miley Cyrus as the main character. Now in its fourth outing, Hannah Montana fans will have to make the most of the last time they’ll see Miley, Lilly, Oliver and the rest of the gang together.

There’s no need to be too sad about Hannah Montana coming to an end though, as there is still the final series to enjoy. In addition, you can head online to play Hannah Montana games and access much more content about the show. One of the games that you might want to play is Designer Dreams, which features Miley Stewart and her best friend in the show, Lilly Truscott.

Lilly is Miley’s closest friend and the pair of them do everything together. Lilly even has her very own alter ego, Lola Luftnagle, and you can design outfits for both of them in the online game on the Hannah Montana website. You can recreate classic looks from the show and make use of Lola’s wild wigs, which she wears so that people don’t recognise her when she goes to watch Hannah’s gigs.

It isn’t just Miley and Lilly’s clothes that you can choose either, as in Beauty and the Beat you can select their makeup, too. In the Roomy Room Re Do you can help Miley and Lilly decorate Lilly’s room, while you can decorate your very own bedroom by downloading and printing off one of the Hannah Montana posters that you can access online. You don’t just have to stop at your own room either as you can decorate your computer desktop with Hannah Montana wallpapers so that you see Miley and Lilly everywhere you look!

The Hannah Montana TV show is centred on the activities of Miley Stewart and her two lives as normal schoolgirl and famous pop star in Malibu, California. The majority of the main characters in the show know Miley’s secret, but most of her classmates and Rico Suave, who owns the local surf shop, do not. This is because Miley doesn’t trust Rico and he gets on her and her friends' nerves as he thinks he knows it all, but of course Miley and her friends know better.

Rico is in the show fairly regularly as Miley’s brother Jackson works in his surf shop. Played by Jason Earles, Jackson is Miley’s older brother and as you’d expect, they get into plenty of arguments as most teenage siblings do. Jackson is pretty relaxed and laid back, as well as being goofy and having a few bad habits that Miley’s not fond of. As well as working in the surf shop Jackson also has plenty of money-making ideas, few of which work and hardly any help him to impress the girls, which is his real motivation.

The other member of Miley’s family is her father Bobby, who is also her dad in real life as he’s played by Billy Ray Cyrus. The result of this is that the scenes between the two are incredibly natural as Billy knows exactly how Bobby feels and thus how he should act. Bobby is very protective of his teenage daughter, which is probably just what he’s like in real life, too. He deeply cares for Miley, but can sometimes interfere a little bit too often, especially when it comes to boys.

Miley has had a fair bit of romance over the three series of Hannah Montana so far and you’ll have to tune into the fourth and final series to see whether anyone wins her heart. There are quite a few boys battling for Miley’s affection, one of whom is Jake Ryan, who has had an on/off relationship with her. Jake and Miley share plenty in common, as he’s a TV star and therefore has a good understanding about the pressures she faces as Hannah Montana.

It isn’t just Jake that Miley has an interest in, though, as she has also grown close to a boy band member named Jesse. When Miley first met Jesse there was little spark between them and she didn’t have any great feelings for him, but things have slowly started to change. This started when Miley’s father Bobby was far from happy with her dating Jake, so she decided to go out with Jesse instead. It will be interesting to see who wins Miley’s heart in the final series of Hannah Montana.

Miley isn’t the only character to have romantic relations, as her best friend Lilly is dating another one of Miley’s close friends, Oliver. Played by Mitchel Musso, Oliver Oken has long had feelings for Lilly, and while things haven’t always run smoothly they tend to make up in the end. Miley herself hasn’t always been keen on two of her best friends having a close relationship either, but she seems to have got past that and is now on the whole happy for the pair of them. However, you’ll have to wait until the closing episodes of Hannah Montana Forever to see if Oliver and Lilly finally get and stay together.

Oliver himself was first introduced to us as an obsessive Hannah Montana fan but has become a firm friend since Miley revealed the truth to him about her separate lives. Oliver is confident, sometimes a little too much, but always has the ability to make Miley laugh and can just as effortlessly open fellow students’ lockers, giving him the nickname the Locker Man.

Laughing is something that Miley Stewart will be doing plenty of in Hannah Montana Forever, but be prepared for a few tears to be shed as well. Many fans of the show will have their eyes glued to the Disney Channel when the special finale is shown and only then we will know just what the future holds for Miley and the rest of the gang.

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