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Hell Or High Water review: Brothers bank on big payday

By Damon Smith

Toby Howard (Chris Pine) is determined to save his family's Texas ranch from foreclosure by robbing banks with his fiery-tempered brother Tanner (Ben Foster).

They plan to hit several branches of Texas Midland, which they hold responsible for their financial woes, and use the ill-gotten gains to secure a legacy for Toby's embittered ex-wife Debbie (Marin Ireland) and two sons.

The brothers' larcenous activities pique the interest of cantankerous Texas Ranger Marcus Hamilton (Jeff Bridges), who is poised to retire, and his half-Comanche partner, Alberto Parker (Gil Birmingham).

The case gathers momentum and Hamilton and Parker edge closer to their prey. Hell Or High Water is a riveting crime thriller set in contemporary west Texas, which underpins a familiar morality tale of world-weary cops and robbers with a touching portrait of brotherly love in dire straits.

Four stars

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