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Iain Stirling ‘obsessed’ with Love Island

The narrator wants to continue working on the ITV series.

Iain Stirling is a fan of Love Island (Ian West/PA)
Iain Stirling is a fan of Love Island (Ian West/PA)

Iain Stirling, the narrator of Love Island, has said he is obsessed with the show.

The comedian has been the voice of the ITV reality series since 2015.

Stirling, who also presents the game show CelebAbility, said Love Island is part of the British summer and that it is an honour to be part of it.

He said he has no reservations about doing more of the show, despite his other projects.

Stirling said: “I love it. I am absolutely in. Since series one, I’ve just been obsessed with it.

“So, there was nothing really, I just think it’s a really great, fun show and part of the British summer now, which feels like a real honour.

“To be part of something like that is really flattering.”

Stirling said he has his own ritual for the first episode of each series of Love Island.

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He said: “I have a party but it’s just sort of me in a hotel room on my own – but I am in Spain though.”

CelebAbility is also returning for another series, to the delight of Stirling.

He said: “Not many things get a third series, so it’s quite a nice feeling.

“The good thing about having three series of anything is it just gets better and better, so hopefully this is the best one yet.”

CelebAbility returns to ITV2 on June 5.



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