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Iris Robinson's toyboy Kirk McCambley affair to be retold for National Geographic documentary 'Original Sin'

Iris Robinson's affair with Kirk McCambley is to feature in a American television documentary.

The story, which rocked Northern Ireland politics, is to feature in a six-part documentary series provisionally titled 'Original Sin' on the National Geographic Channel, the Sunday World reported.

In 2010 it was revealed that serving MP and MLA was involved in a relationship with the then 19-year-old Kirk McCambley.

It was also revealed that she had procured £50,000 in loans to finance his business, the Lock Keeper's Inn on the banks of the Lagan in south Belfast.

He has since left the country and is believed to be living in Australia. The Lock Keeper's inn has since come under new management.

In 2009 Mrs Robinson announced she was leaving politics due to mental health issues.

In a 2014 report, the Assembly's Committee on Standards and Privileges found she committed a "serious breach" of the Assembly's code of conduct.

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The US-made Original Sin: How Sex Changed The World is set to begin screening internationally on the National Geographic Channel next month.

The weekly programme examining "the sexual revolution of the past half-century and how it has impacted culture, science, and politics around the world" has been made by producers World of Wonder.

The relationship between the wife of former First Minister Peter Robinson and their 19-year-old family friend will be covered by an episode dedicated to sex scandals.

Producer Adam Hyman told The Sunday World: "It's a new six-episode mini-series for National Geographic Television tentatively entitled Original Sin that will track the evolution of sexuality from the sexual revolution to today.

"Leading scholars, influencers and luminaries in the field of sex, gender, politics, law, health and media will share insights on where we are, how we got here and where we are going.

"This episode is on sex scandals, internationally, and we are discussing the Iris Robinson case. We are also discussing Clinton-Lewinsky and some other Americans, differing views on political morality and hypocrisy in different countries."

The first episode will screen on July 10.

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