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James McAvoy reveals giggles during rain-soaked funeral scene in Dark Phoenix

The actor said the sombre scene took longer than necessary because the cast were laughing so much.


James McAvoy (Ian West/PA)

James McAvoy (Ian West/PA)

James McAvoy (Ian West/PA)

James McAvoy has admitted he got the giggles while shooting a sombre funeral scene in the pouring rain in his latest X-Men film.

The Scottish star, 40, reprises his role of Professor Charles Xavier in Dark Phoenix, which stars Game Of Thrones actress Sophie Turner as Jean Grey.

He told the Press Association: “It was weirdly hysterical and funny shooting the funeral scene, that we all had to stand around in the rain.

“There was no sound because it was raining and they weren’t on anybody’s faces – they weren’t on my face anyway.

“They just wanted me to look like I was saying something and we all couldn’t keep a straight face.

“It was fine for Nick (Hoult, who plays Beast) because he’s behind a lot of prosthetics so it was alright for him but they had to shoot it maybe 10 times and we were soaked to the skin, because we just could not stop laughing.

“It was a good day.”

McAvoy added that the film, directed by Simon Kinberg, feels particularly appropriate for the moment.

He said: “I don’t know it felt like a feminist script, but it certainly felt like we were in a film that was responding to a time where feminism is having a positive impact.

“I don’t know if there was anything in this but I think that Dark Phoenix, the story, the journey, the things that happen to her, might be able to happen to a fella as well but I think that Simon wanted to and was able to – and felt that the market was ready for – do that kind of dynamic in the cast, which is a brilliant sign.

“I was pleased to be a part of that, and support Sophie and Simon in that.”

Michael Fassbender, who reprises his role as Magneto, added: “I guess the worrying thing is it is like these meetings go, ‘Are the public ready for a female lead?’

“They’ve always been ready and the fact of the matter is that Jean Grey is the most powerful mutant so it’s crazy to think that she wouldn’t have a film that would focus on her and she’d be the main central point.”

McAvoy agreed, saying: “It’s nuts to think that even Marvel have only had, how many female led (films?)… Is it one? Captain Marvel. And we’re getting Black Widow coming.

“It’s nuts to think even with that whole stable as well there’s so few.

“It’s good that things are changing, that representation just needs to carry on.”

Dark Phoenix is released in UK cinemas on June 5.


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