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Jimmy Nesbitt looks like he has new wife on Cold Feet

By Claire McNeilly

James Nesbitt may well have found himself a new flame in Cold Feet.

Speculation over a new romance is rife after the Northern Ireland actor's character Adam Williams was seen snuggling up to the TV show's new star Karen David.

The loved-up couple, bedecked in red Manchester United football scarves, were snapped with their arms entwined during filming in Manchester.

The last time we saw Nesbitt's character he was struggling to come to terms with the death of his wife Rachel.

Now, 13 years later, Adam appears to have found love again.

Earlier this month the Coleraine-born thespian and Karen - who has previously had roles in the TV drama Waterloo Road and Galavant, the musical comedy - were spotted filming what looked like the aftermath of a wedding in the city's Northern Quarter.

Their characters were seen climbing into a taxi covered in 'Just Married' paraphernalia, driven by Pete, Adam's best friend in the hit show.

Playing Adam, 51-year-old Nesbitt was smartly dressed as he left an hotel with what could be his new bride, who wore a white coat with an engagement and wedding ring clearly visible on her left hand.

The apparent newlyweds then climbed into Pete's taxi, which was covered in streamers and empty beer cans.

Replacing Downton Abbey in the popular 9pm Sunday slot, the new series is gearing up to be one of the biggest comebacks on television this year.

The show, which won more than 20 major awards, including a Bafta for best drama series, attracted an average of eight million viewers during its 1998-2003 run.

Nesbitt, who has starred in Bloody Sunday and The Hobbit, is currently riding high in the new TV drama Lucky Man, in which he plays DI Harry Clayton, a detective with London's Central Murder Investigation Squad.

Questions are being asked about Clayton's ability to do his job, however, because he's a compulsive gambler with huge debts, who lost his family home in a poker game, and then his wife and daughter left him.

It's a fresh, original crime drama based around the concept that a mysterious bracelet could bring its owner tremendous luck.

Meanwhile, the father-of-two is being replaced by David Morrissey as the lead in the second series of drama The Missing, which has started filming.

Nesbitt starred in the first run in 2014, winning acclaim for his portrayal of a desperate father seeking the truth behind the apparent abduction of his five-year-old son.

The new case follows Sam (Morrissey) and Gemma (Keeley Hawes), whose daughter Alice went missing in 2003.

Eleven years later Alice, played by newcomer Abigail Hardingham, is found stumbling through the streets of a city in Germany.

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