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Line of Duty cast were like family, says Vicky McClure

Actress, who stars in new ITV drama, said she was homesick shooting in Belfast


Action: Vicky McClure and Adrian Lester in new bomb disposal drama Trigger Point. Credit: Matt Frost

Action: Vicky McClure and Adrian Lester in new bomb disposal drama Trigger Point. Credit: Matt Frost

Vicky in Line of Duty with Adrian Dunbar and Martin Compston. Credit: Aiden Monaghan

Vicky in Line of Duty with Adrian Dunbar and Martin Compston. Credit: Aiden Monaghan


Action: Vicky McClure and Adrian Lester in new bomb disposal drama Trigger Point. Credit: Matt Frost

Line of Duty star Vicky McClure has told how her co-stars Adrian Dunbar and Martin Compston became her ‘family’ when she was shooting in Belfast and struggling with homesickness.

The Nottingham-based actress, who plays DK Kate Fleming in the police show, said having to relocate for the shoot was the hardest part of the job, but that her two co-stars helped to make the move easier.

McClure was speaking ahead of the new ITV drama Trigger Point, in which she stars alongside Adrian Lester. The pair play ex-military officers within the Metropolitan Police Bomb Disposal Squad, who risk their lives daily on ‘the long walk’ towards danger.

Their characters Lana and Joel have a long-standing friendship that goes back to their army days, and they see each other almost as family. McClure said that while she had no experience of the severe pressure the bomb disposal officers faced, she did understand the importance of having people around her who supported her.

“When they (Lana and Joel) were away from home in the army they only had each other, and they were like family, that’s how much they meant to each other. It’s quite an army mentality,” said McClure.

“I can’t say I have any kind of understanding of that extreme pressure, I don’t, but I think I understand what that relationship is like, just from working away as much as I do as an actor.

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“I’m such a homebody and I hate that part of the job, that’s always been the bit I struggle with the most. Me, Adrian (Dunbar) and Martin (Compston) are a good example of colleagues becoming family on Line of Duty.”

McClure said Line of Duty and Trigger Point were two very different shows, with the new drama a lot more action based. And she said her character in the upcoming ITV series was nothing like fan favourite Kate Fleming.

“Trigger Point is a very different show though, it’s incomparable,” she said.

“There’s a lot more action in Trigger Point, it’s an explosive show. And I don’t really feel anything like Kate when I’m in Trigger Point, we certainly don’t look the same.

“I’m always really up for reinventing a look. I wear absolutely no make-up in this, my hair is in a scrappy little ponytail and it was important for me to feel like a real person.”

Filming of Trigger Point took place in London during last summer’s heatwave and the filming schedule was intense. McClure was on set every day of the shoot, unlike Line of Duty when occasionally, she would have days off.

“I have never been on a job quite that big, which I suppose would shock people, because you think Line of Duty is the same,” she said.

“But I can lean on Martin and Adrian a little bit on that series, where they’ll have an interview scene without me and that means I’ve got four days off.

“Trigger Point was the first time I’ve felt like a crew member, when I’m there every day all day. I was massively invested in the show and I gave it my everything.”

Written by Daniel Brierley and produced by HTM Television, Trigger Point’s executive producer is Jed Mercurio, creator of Line of Duty. McClure said that she and Mercurio sent selfies from set a few times to Dunbar and Compston but that she didn’t believe her Line of Duty co-stars felt that they were missing out on a reunion.

“The thing is, when we do Line of Duty, Jed is on set every day — it’s his baby, he writes it, he sometimes directs it, he produces it, the whole shebang,” she said. “That’s not the case for Trigger Point. He was there a lot of the time, but it was a very different sort of relationship.

“But I’d be lying if I said we didn’t send Martin and Adrian a few selfies on set together, saying hi! On my very last day, Jed was there with his Line of Duty coat on which I thought was very fitting.”

McClure said that having worked on Line of Duty was such a long time, it was “exciting” to be at the beginning of a new show.

“It’s always exciting because you can start from scratch and create new characters,” she said.

“Jed was great from the start, telling me to embrace it and make it my own, and our writer Daniel was really responsive.

“So it really was a collaboration, and we had room to create something that felt different, which is the beauty of starting from the beginning.”

Trigger Point will air on ITV later this month

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