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Line Of Duty viewers spot spelling blunder in latest episode

Fans posted messages about the blunder on social media.

Adrian Dunbar, Rochenda Sandall, Vicky McClure and Martin Compston (Ian West/PA)
Adrian Dunbar, Rochenda Sandall, Vicky McClure and Martin Compston (Ian West/PA)

Line Of Duty viewers saw the funny side after spotting a spelling mistake in the latest episode of the crime drama.

Sunday’s instalment of the BBC show saw officer John Corbett (Stephen Graham), who is deep undercover as a baddie, communicating with mysterious crime boss H.

One of the messages he received read: “Eastfield depot is definately high risk.”

Fans could barely contain themselves about the word “definitely” being spelled incorrectly, with many expressing their thoughts on social media.

“Any chance of some correct spelling on #LineOfDuty,” asked one person on Twitter.

One tweeted: “I think the most monstrous thing H has done, is not being able to spell ‘definitely’.”

“#LineOfDuty it’s ‘definitely’ not ‘definAtely’,” said another.

“Whoever ‘H’ is, he deserves to get caught for his criminal spelling of definitely,” said another,

“I can’t get over the spelling error in #LineOfDuty. If you put an ‘a’ in ‘definitely’ you are definitely a criminal,” joked one person.

However, others pointed out that the blunder may have been an intentional part of the storyline.

“Was that spelling mistake a clue? #definately #definitely #LineOfDuty,” posted one viewer.

“I feel the spelling of “definately” is going to be a crucial piece of evidence,” said another.

Another said: “Tonight’s #LineOfDuty was THE MOST TENSE THING EVER but that spelling error must be the clue, right?! #definitelydefinately.”

“Hastings can’t be H cos I refuse to believe the man who conducts himself to the LETTER OF THE LAW can’t spell ‘definitely’,” said another.

Line Of Duty continues on BBC One.



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