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Line Of Duty viewers worried Ted Hastings is being framed

Fans do not believe Hastings is mysterious corrupt police officer H.

Adrian Dunbar (PA)
Adrian Dunbar (PA)

Line Of Duty viewers said they could barely believe their eyes as Ted Hastings was arrested in the latest episode.

The superintendent (Adrian Dunbar) has come under suspicion in the hunt for the mysterious corrupt police officer H.

Things came to a head in Sunday’s instalment of the BBC show when Hastings was arrested.

Fans were shocked to see the popular officer in trouble, and refused to believe he had done anything wrong.

“Mother of God. Ted is pure as they come and I will not believe otherwise,” one person said on Twitter.

“Ted in a prison cell…. everything has gone wrong in the world time to get off,” said another.

“Omg I can’t believe my eyes,” posted one shocked fan.

“It’s not Hastings in a million years #LineOfDuty No way nowhere no how !!” said another.

Many viewers feel Hastings is being set up by someone.

“#LineofDuty Ted is deffo being framed Not sure how I’ll get through this week!! Come on ‘mates’ sort it out,” tweeted one viewer.

One person joked that they wouldn’t be able to sleep “knowing our Ted is being framed for being H”.

“Only thing dodgy about Ted is his hairstyle,” teased another viewer.

Line Of Duty continues on BBC One.



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