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Love Island viewers say Arabella’s exit is ‘justice’ for Yewande

The model entered the villa and promptly stole Danny Williams from the scientist.

Love Island host Caroline Flack (ian West/PA)
Love Island host Caroline Flack (ian West/PA)

Arabella Chi was dumped from the Love Island villa following a public vote.

And some fans hailed her exit as “justice” for Yewande Biala, who left the ITV2 show after Danny Williams chose the model over her.

Some took to Twitter to say tonight’s events were Arabella’s just desserts.

One simply said: “Justice for Yewande was served.”

Another posted a similar message, which read: “Although not the ending I expected, I am still pleasantly surprised and content with this outcome. Yewande has justice.”

One more suggested Yewande would be throwing a party over the news.

They wrote: “Bet Yewande is throwing a party as we speak.”

However, others were more supportive of Arabella, who cried after being told she would have to leave the villa.

One said: “I honestly don’t see what Arabella did wrong, went after what she wanted after seeing Danny was getting nowhere with Yewande so cracked on.”

Another echoed the positive message, adding: “Well Tom deserved to go but I am not sure Arabella did, and for all those dissing Danny for choosing Arabella, he looked 10x more gutted that she was leaving than when yewande left…”

Love Island, hosted by Caroline Flack, continues on ITV2.



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