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Love Island’s Danny and Arabella survive backlash over Yewande’s exit

The model managed to defuse the situation, at least temporarily.

Love Island host Caroline Flack (Ian West/PA)
Love Island host Caroline Flack (Ian West/PA)

Danny Williams and Arabella Chi have survived a ferocious backlash over Yewande Biala’s departure from the Love Island villa.

The scientist was axed from the ITV2 reality show after Danny chose Arabella in the latest recoupling.

Yewande’s friends Amber Gill and Anna Vakili turned on Danny in Tuesday’s episode but Arabella was able to calm the situation.

Amber became particularly angry when Danny and Arabella shared a kiss in full view of the other islanders.

But after a number of flare-ups the model sat down with the pair and made peace.

She said: “Since coming in you girls have understandably had Yewande’s back, which I get because she was your closest friend here.

“I kind of want the opportunity to be able to get to know you both better without that coming in between the situation. There’s a bit of tension.”

Amber replied: “It wasn’t the fact that my friend left that upset us. It was the way that the situation was dealt with, more than anything else.

“I wasn’t being frosty towards you. I just didn’t particularly like the way you handled the situation. That’s what I was most upset about.”

Arabella said: “Let’s just put this to bed, all get on and move forward.”

But Amber’s reaction was muted, and it is unclear how long their truce will last.

As the lights in the bedroom dimmed at the end of the day, Danny could be heard telling Arabella: “I fancy you so much. It just feels right.”

Love Island, hosted by Caroline Flack, continues on ITV2.



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