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Made in Chelsea: What can we expect from the new series?


New cast members on the scene, fiery feuds, dating dilemmas - and that's just one episode of hit reality show Made in Chelsea. Ahead of its fourteenth series, Georgia Humphreys grills the glam cast on their upcoming dramas.

Things never stay quiet for long in Made In Chelsea. Following the summer episodes filmed in Ibiza, the posh cast are back on home soil in London - and the heat certainly hasn't died down when it comes to feuds and flings.

So what drama lies ahead in the 14th series of the reality TV show? We get all the juiciest gossip from the cast.

Jamie Laing embraces single life

Laing's relationship history on the show has, well, rarely gone smoothly. Now, following his split with Frankie Gaff, he's back on the market, and trying his best to put himself out there. Cue some hilarious scenes, we're sure.

"We (him and Alex Mytton) haven't been single together, so we decide to go to Singles Bootcamp, which is where you go and exercise with other single people," explains Laing, who is one of the show's original stars, having appeared in the first episode back in 2011. "It's very sad and lonely, but it's great."

With a big smile on his face, he adds: "I think the great thing about this series is it returns to its roots."

The drama continues for Mimi Bouchard

"Ibiza was pretty crazy for me," admits Bouchard, who has had a rough ride since joining Made In Chelsea earlier this year.

The petite blonde, who is the cousin of tennis star Eugenie Bouchard, first featured in the show in March. She ruffled some major feathers on her arrival when she made eyes at Fredrik Ferrier, making an instant enemy of Fred's then-squeeze, Olivia Bentley. Then, in Ibiza, she had a fling with Sam Thompson while he was on a break from long-term girlfriend Tiffany Watson. So what's in store this series? Will Bouchard find love?

"I think this series there's still a lot of drama, but it's just different," she offers. "There may or may not be new people that involve with some drama, and, you know, it's fun. I like being back home and filming."

The Canadian adds: "In Ibiza it was pretty stressful because it was constant; it was just very intense and I think this series has been a little bit easier. But you know, it's just the beginning. It could get really bad again."

Reality star: Mimi Bouchard

Frankie Gaff is done with dating her co-stars

There were on, they were off, they were on, they were off - the romance story between Gaff and Jamie Laing was never without drama, but things finally came to an end in Ibiza.

Now, Gaff says: "I'd never have a relationship ever again on the show. Even if me and Jamie got back together; literally I never want to do it again.

"Too many people get involved, the whole public have their say and that gets in your head," she adds. "(People on social media) would create tension, boys go around saying they've slept with us girls ..."

In terms of what it's been like working with Laing since their split, Gaff admits: "We're on good terms, which is nice. There's been a few arguments and stuff, but it's weird, we're getting on really well. But neither of us have moved on yet, so that's probably why."

Things are still frosty between Julius Cowdrey and Olivia Bentley

Since joining MIC in October 2016, Cowdrey has had serious beef with co-stars such as Sam Thompson and Harry Baron. But in Ibiza, arguments with childhood friend Bentley got so heated that she threw a drink over him at one point.

So, will they ever be close friends again? "Don't think so," he quips. "I don't know ... It's so hard to know what the reason is. Is it because we grew apart? Is it because I've had so much more time to spend with someone else (his girlfriend and co-star Ella Willis), and we're so close? I'll never know, because we disagreed the other night on the matter."

Reality star: Olivia Bentley

Francis Boulle is back - again

On the topic of the show going back to its roots, fan favourite Francis Boulle - who didn't appear in any of the Ibiza episodes, and previously left the show to mine for gold in Ghana - returns in this series.

"It's fun to be able to come back and have that option," says Boulle of returning to reform 'The Lost Boys' - a trio which also includes co-stars Laing and Oliver Proudlock. "Maybe I'll go away for another three years."

Discussing what pal Laing said about the upcoming series going "back to its roots", Boulle claims: "It's a lot more enjoyable to make."

Louise Thompson won't be doing a Binky anytime soon

In the past Thompson was messed around by arguably Made In Chelsea's most prolific playboy, Spencer Matthews.

Now the star seems settled, gushing that current boyfriend Ryan Libbey is "definitely" the one. Will she leave the show to have a baby like friend and former MIC star Alexandra 'Binky' Felstead?

"They have this perfect little family now and it's been such a positive change for them," Thompson says of Felstead and her boyfriend, Josh 'JP' Paterson. "But I'm not broody.

"For me, I don't think I would have kids for maybe like four years, just because Ryan has just moved in," she confesses. "I'm just really traditional and I think I would want to get married and spend more time together, travel more, get a lot out of our systems. We're still learning a lot about each other."

Single Sam Thompson is upping the health factor

The younger Thompson sibling has had a crazy summer, it's fair to say. After an emotional end to the Ibiza series, which showed him and girlfriend of three years, Tiffany Watson, splitting up, he then went into the Celebrity Big Brother house.

But, drama aside, Thompson reckons his fitness-fanatic older sister Louise - and her personal trainer boyfriend Ryan Libbey - have inspired him to live a healthier lifestyle now.

"It's just ... 25, man!" exclaims Thompson. "I know it's still young - I'm not saying I'm old - but I've reached the point where I can't do two (nights out) in a row now. Well, I can, but I die afterwards. I have hit that point where I do just feel it now."

Laughing, he remarks: "But now, single, you can't really find a girlfriend sitting at home watching Harry Potter, can you?"

Sam Thompson

Expect plenty more arguments involving Olivia Bentley

Since joining in 2016, Bentley has become known for not exactly biting her tongue - having previously rowed big-time with Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo as they fought over Francis Boulle.

And it doesn't sound as though things will be calming down anytime soon.

"Everyone's quite fond of them now, aren't they?" she jokes of her famous tiffs.

"I get so annoyed at people when they're saying one thing, but they mean something else. And then you're like 'Are you joking?'," Bentley adds.

"Or they're saying it, but they're tiptoeing around it, whereas I'm more like 'Say it how it is and get over it."

  • Made In Chelsea is back on E4 on Monday, October 9

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