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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2: Sequel a real non-event


Nia Vardalos

Nia Vardalos


Nia Vardalos

This sequel totters down the aisle 14 years after the first film became the most successful romantic comedy of all time.

Sadly, Kirk Jones' sequel is like a batch of homemade baklava left out too long and gone stale: dry, flaky yet undeniably sweet.

Every exaggerated set piece is starved of belly laughs, from the family patriarch's repeated assertions that Greece gave birth to every modern invention - "The Greeks created Facebook - we called it the telephone" - to the nervous coming out of a gay character that feels like a non-event. Affection for the original film can only stretch so far and even at a trim 92 minutes, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 feels needlessly padded.

Two stars

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