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New BBC Three series to explore effect of pornography on young people

A group of six men and women will explore Spain’s sex industry in the three-part documentary.

A new BBC Three series will explore the effect of pornography on young people (Yui Mok/PA)
A new BBC Three series will explore the effect of pornography on young people (Yui Mok/PA)

A BBC Three series will explore the damaging effect pornography may be having on young people as it follows six British men and women into Spain’s sex industry.

The three-part series will focus on a group of under-thirties with wildly different relationships to pornography, including an addict and a feminist student who avoids it entirely.

Over three weeks, they will spend time on a series of pornographic sets, discussing how pornography has shaped their views on sex.

The effect of pornography on young people is the focus of the BBC Three documentary (Yui Mok/PA)

The show will tackle questions around pornography, including whether it demeans women and promotes violence, according to the BBC.

Included in the group is a 24-year-old woman experiencing physical symptoms of addiction and a 28-year-old male pornography enthusiast who attends conventions.

It will also focus on a 22-year-old female feminist student who abstains and a 24-year-old women looking to enter the industry, as well as two men, both in their twenties, who use pornography recreationally.

More than three-quarters of men (77%) said they had used pornography in the last month, according to a poll conducted by Deltapoll for the BBC.

Nearly half of women (47%) said they had done the same.

Findings also suggest some young people believe pornography creates unrealistic expectations around sex.

More than half (54%) of respondents said pornography creates impossible standards for beauty and bodies, and three-quarters (74%) said depictions of sex in pornography were unrealistic.

One in four respondents (26%) said watching pornography had stunted their self-confidence and made them consider plastic surgery.

Porn Laid Bare premieres on BBC Three on March 14.



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