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13 hilarious Eamonn and Ruth moments on This Morning

The couple are taking over the helm of This Morning for the summer.

By Jackie Bell

Belfast presenter Eamonn Holmes and wife Ruth Langsford are back taking over the main hosting duties on daytime favourite This Morning.

So while Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby enjoy a much needed break, Eamonn and Ruth will be giving us our daily dose of current affairs, entertainment, fashion, and real life stories.

And no doubt viewers can expect some of that famous banter between the pair - much like these hilarious quotes from the couple in the past:


Eamonn: (Reading the show's opening link) Lip fillers, chin implants, face lifts, nose jobs - but enough about Ruth...


Eamonn: (During their first appearance together on This Morning) Well you've heard of take your pet to work day, and Ruth is doing just that by bringing me to work all this week.

Ruth: Well there's no childcare is there. Did you bring your crayons in case you got bored?


Ben Shepherd: (Speaking to Eamonn following his hip operation) Have you been getting enough sympathy from your wife.

Eamonn: It won't last, she loves that dog more than me. She'd rather talk about pet bereavement than Eamonn bereavement.

Ruth: I'm the most fantastic nurse.


Magician Dynamo: Ruth, just move you hands above the cards and when you feel the urge just pick one.

Eamonn: You haven't felt the urge in ages darling, this is great.


Eamonn: Secret to a happy marriage? Plenty of nookie, obviously.

Rylan: I can't believe you just said that in front of me.

Eamonn: Do you want me to lie?

Rylan: YES!


Ruth: What's wrong with being out in your pyjamas? It's just clothes.

Eamonn: Darling, if you don't know what's wrong with it, there's something wrong with you.


Eamonn: I got Scarlet fever once, I had no sympathy from my wife.

Ruth: I told him to pull himself together and take some paracedamol.


Eamonn: I have an interesting relationship with alcohol.

Ruth: Yeah, you're a bore and won't drink with me.


Ruth: I wasn't a bridezilla!

Eamonn: No darling, you're a bridezilla everyday - you're Ruth-zilla.


Eamonn: I remember my wife being in labour and every five minutes hearing her scream, 'Where is he? Get him in here!'

Ruth: He was outside chatting to the nurses.


Eamonn: (On signing up to a dating app) I think you're perfect for me darling, but it would be nice to see if there's someone out there who is more perfect.


Eamonn: Remember what your dad said to me when I first met him? He said, 'Are you sure?' Why didn't I listen to him?


Ruth: What song did we play at our wedding?

Eamonn: (Thinking) Ermm ... errrrmmm ... love ... something love ...

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