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24 film gets spring 2012 shoot

Kiefer Sutherland will soon be getting back into Jack Bauer mode as the 24 film prepares for a spring shoot.

The US actor will be reprising his role as the counter-terrorist secret agent in the big-screen version of the hit TV series, which producers Brian Grazer and 20th Century Fox are planning to start filming in April 2012 once he completes the current series of supernatural drama Touch, reported Deadline.

Director Tony Scott is apparently no longer attached to the movie, which has been drafted by Mark Bomback.

Kiefer previously revealed a script was in the works back in 2008, with production planned for summer 2009.

"The 24 movie would be a two-hour representation of a 24-hour day. That would be the first time that we would not do something in real time, but the characters would obviously all be derivative of the show," he said.

He also considered the idea of doing the movie as a prequel to the series.

"If we ended up doing it as a prequel and going back before the first season, obviously there's a lot of things that could change," he continued.

"If we go for it much further down the line from where the show is, again, there's a lot of room to change. It depends on the timing that they choose to set the film in."


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