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50 Cent giving acting lessons to movie co-stars

50 Cent has been giving acting advice to his movie co-stars.

The American rapper is currently focusing on developing his career in Hollywood and he has already appeared in several films including 13, Dead Man Running and Righteous Kill.

50 also has his own production company called Cheetah Vision Films, which has made movies such as 2010’s Twelve, which featured Chace Crawford.

He throws himself wholeheartedly into his film roles and this dedication has impressed the people he has worked with. Terrence Howard, who appeared alongside 50 in 2005 film Get Rich or Die Tryin’ says he was inspired by the star’s subtle technique.

"One of the things that I learned, the hardest thing to do is be still. When you don't know what to do, be still. He mastered that,” Terrence told MTV. “And therefore, when he jumped forward and has something to say, he spoke the truth with it. That's a genius. That's what makes great film work. He was there from the beginning. I actually learned more from watching him, 'cause he taught me to be still."

50 recently claimed people will take him seriously as an actor once he lands a role in a big budget movie. He believes he is continuing to improve in front of the camera and can’t wait to be given the opportunity to really test his skills.

“With each individual project, I work with someone that makes sure I'm completely prepared for it," he said. "I feel like I'm growing. When the projects get bigger and better, the public will start to shift and treat [it] like anyone else's progress.”

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