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Aaron Eckhart ‘loves’ being action star

Aaron Eckhart says he “wouldn’t care” if he never made another romantic movie.

The 42-year-old Hollywood actor has appeared in a variety of different movie genres during his career, although his role in upcoming film World Invasion: Battle LA has proven to him his true passion lies in action and science fiction.

The star found shooting scenes about an alien invasion in Los Angeles an invigorating experience, and didn’t mind that he sustained injuries.

“I have,” he responded when Total Film noticed he took “quite a beating” on set. “It’s been 100 per cent brutal... And I love it. I wouldn’t care if I didn’t do another love story or romantic comedy for the rest of my life.”

The actor had no qualms about getting involved in violent sequences, as he believes in the movie so much. The thrill-seeker has been overwhelmed with the opportunities starring in the film has brought up.

“I am so dead set on this movie that I would have gone to hell and back for it...What we do on a daily basis just blows my mind,” he beamed.

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