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Aaron Eckhart on Frankenstein role

Aaron Eckhart has spoken about his reimagining of Frankenstein's monster for his upcoming film I, Frankenstein.

The Dark Knight actor plays the creature in a modern version of the story which sees him caught between two warring immortal clans.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: "The story revolves around a man who's trying to find his purpose in life.

"In cinema and TV Frankenstein became a clunky, inarticulate, catatonic figure and we don't do that at all. He's very active, smart, sexy. Our Frankenstein really deals with the human issues and is set in this fantastical world."

Speaking at Comic-Con, Aaron, 45, revealed he was a big superhero fan growing up.

He said: "I can't believe I'm in The Dark Knight. I never thought I would be and now that I've taken on Frankenstein, that'll be interesting."

Aaron stars alongside Aden Young as Dr Frankenstein and Bill Nighy in horror thriller I, Frankenstein which is due out in January 2014.


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