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Aaron reveals monster struggles

Aaron Taylor-Johnson has revealed how challenging it was to convey a soldier in his new movie Godzilla.

The Kick-Ass star plays a military man in the latest incarnation of the monster franchise and he said getting into that mindset was his biggest struggle on set.

The 23-year-old hit the red carpet at the Hollywood premiere of the blockbuster with his director wife Sam, 47, plus castmates Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen, and said: "I play a guy in the military and that is something I am not immersed in so that was my challenge to convey that as real as possible."

The reboot features the same legendary Japanese monster from the film archives, but Aaron said this is a Godzilla for modern times.

"This is a real character-driven movie and it has a lot of emotion and guts in it so I think people will be pleased with it.

"In our eyes Godzilla represents nature and nuclear power and radiation and man's abuse of nature and Godzilla is going to come back and restore balance. As profound as it is it kind of has a real message to it."

For audiences who are not familiar with the movie monster, Aaron added there is still something to take away from the film.

"You can take home whatever you want, it's a monster movie at the end of the day, but it is man against the world, man against nature and how you can't control nature. But there is an emotional journey with the characters too; a family message, a father and son relationship, a husband and wife - so there is a lot going on."

Godzilla will roar into UK cinemas on May 15.


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