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Abrams' Star Wars/Batman mash-up

JJ Abrams has raised the stakes in his mash-up contest with Zack Snyder, tweeting a video of his Millennium Falcon - with a twist.

Star Wars director JJ and Batman v Superman director Zack have been trading snaps that mix images from the two movies.

JJ took it up a notch by making a video for his latest Star Wars/Batman mash-up, showing the iconic Millennium Falcon with a tiny replica of Batman's Batmobile on the bottom of the space craft.

The mash-up is also highlighted by the fact the music switches from the Star Wars theme to the Batman tune.

Zack started the joke when he previously tweeted a photo of Batman v Superman actor Henry Cavill in a Jedi costume.

He followed it up with another of R2D2 walking through a canyon alongside Batman, rather than C3PO.

JJ's Bad Robot company later responded by creating an image of C3PO, dressed in Batman's cape and looking out over Gotham City.


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