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Acting is tortuous for Eisenberg

Jesse Eisenberg has revealed that performing is like a form of torture.

The Social Network star, who started acting when he was 10, admitted being in a play or film often means him suffering for his art.

"Every performer I know tortures themselves for it. On a movie set, you're using your real emotions in very difficult ways, so you end up feeling bad. But the tortured ones tend to be more interesting roles," he said.

"I did a play, The Revisionist, for a long time. The show would start at 8pm, but I would get there every day for 4pm, with [co-star] Vanessa Redgrave. We would both feel nervous about it until it happened. It's really hard to have a normal day prior to the show or performance."

Jesse, who plays radical environmental activist Josh in new film Night Moves, prepared for the part by staying in a yurt.

"I lived in a yurt for less than two weeks, because my character lives in a yurt and I wanted to see what that was like," he said.

"It was very interesting. I had a better understanding of the pace of my character's life. You don't have cellphone reception, so naturally, you become more internal and isolated, and there's no electricity so you live more simply."

While the Oscar-nominated actor enjoys challenging roles such as portraying Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and playing two roles in Richard Ayoade's The Double, he said he would consider starring in a rom-com.

"I love that kind of thing. It would be a real relief," said the 30-year-old actor. "The problem is, if you did it too much, you'd end up not fully engaged with yourself because you're just happy. It's not really exploring too much of yourself to do that."

:: Night Moves is in cinemas now.


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