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Adam: I idolised Van Damme on set


Adam Brody stars in new film Welcome To The Jungle

Adam Brody stars in new film Welcome To The Jungle

Adam Brody stars in new film Welcome To The Jungle

Adam Brody has confessed he was "the most star-struck I have ever been" working with action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme on his new movie.

The OC star appears alongside Kristen Schaal and Jean-Claude as a group of co-workers who go on an office retreat and end up stranded on a tropical island in Welcome To The Jungle. The 32-year-old actor told The Independent what it was like to work with his idol.

Adam revealed: "That is the most star-struck that I have ever been in terms of working with someone.

"I idolised him so much around junior high school that no one I've ever got to work with can rival that. It did not disappoint. We would sit on the beach all the time and sit at his knee as he told us stories, some unintelligible, but most intelligible and - both equally funny."

The Scream 4 star - who said he has left the character of loveable geek Seth in The OC behind him - has a string of film roles coming up including playing Keira Knightley's boyfriend in Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World and porn star Harry Reems in the Linda Lovelace biopic.

In new drama Damsels In Distress, out on April 27, he plays arrogant student Charlie.

Adam said: "I think to a certain degree Charlie is intellectual and he is certainly striving to better himself. But at the same time, he's a bit insecure about his actual standing in life and where he's going. He's probably insecure about a lot of things and I can certainly relate to that. I can't really say if I'm intellectual or the opposite."