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Adams bowled over by Kermit plea

Amy Adams has revealed how she couldn't resist a personalised invite from Kermit The Frog to star in The Muppets.

That was how the three-time Oscar nominee found herself sharing screen time with the Muppets in their latest film outing, also called The Muppets.

"Kermit was a big part of my decision. I don't think a lot of people get a personalised video message from Kermit the Frog, so that was pretty special and now I have that forever! I was a Muppets fan growing up and it was completely surreal to have Kermit turn to me," she said.

"I knew the movie would be something I wanted to be part of, and I knew it would touch other people too because if I had that reaction with Kermit just saying my name, the Muppets hadn't gone anywhere," the actress added.

Amy, who will next be seen as Lois Lane in Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel, admitted it wasn't difficult acting alongside Jim Henson's puppets.

"It's like every kids' dream - when you're playing with your stuffed animals, you wish they'd come to life and talk to you. That's what's so loveable about them - you just accept they are real," she admitted.

The mother-of-one described the musical routines as "a lot of fun".

"I'm glad that I have jobs when I can sing and dance because I feel like I annoy my friends and family when I do it all the time at home anyways, so it's nice to have an excuse," she added.

:: The Muppets opens in cinemas on February 10.


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