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Adam’s plan to help Eva backfires on Coronation Street

Adam’s attempt to avoid a custody battle over baby Susie between Eva and Johnny went very wrong.

Coronation Street’s Eva Price faces a custody battle with Johnny Connor over baby Susie. (Matt Crossick/PA)
Coronation Street’s Eva Price faces a custody battle with Johnny Connor over baby Susie. (Matt Crossick/PA)

Coronation Street character Adam Barlow’s attempt to help former partner Eva Price avoid a custody battle with Johnny Connor over her baby daughter Susie has backfired spectacularly.

During Friday’s hour-long episode of the ITV soap Eva (Catherine Tyldesley) found out that that her baby’s natural grandfather Johnny (Richard Hawley) has begun legal proceedings to get custody of Susie.

Johnny is determined to bring his late son Aidan’s daughter under his care after he found out that Eva gave her up to her sister Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) in a “baby pact”.

Eva looked for help from her former partner Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) for some support.

Barlow presented Eva with a fake DNA report that shows he is Susie’s father, meaning she could avoid the custody battle.

He also revealed to Eva he still has feelings for her and did not want her to leave Weatherfield when she threatened to abscond from the country in order to keep Susie with her.

Adam said he was confident that Johnny would not challenge the test’s validity.

However, Eva rejected his proposal saying that lies had her got into her predicament and she was not prepared to tell anymore to try and resolve the situation.

She also told Adam she would have to think about the prospect of them getting back together.

Later Eva confronted Johnny at his and Jenny Connor’s (Sally Ann Matthews) home with Susie to see if they could resolve the matter without having to go to court.

Eva told the Connors she wanted them to be a regular part of Susie’s life and offered them the chance to look after their granddaughter for the afternoon.

After taking Susie for a walk Johnny apologised to Eva for how he had behaved and that he did want to come to an arrangement with Eva so he could look after Susie regularly.

However, after visiting Adam at his office Johnny found the fake DNA report lying on a desk in front of him.

An enraged Johnny stormed into the Rover’s Return pub to tell Eva she was not fit to breath the same air, as Susie let alone raise her.

Adam told him the true story behind the fake report but Johnny refused to believe him.

He told Eva and Adam that they had stitched Aidan up while he alive and they were trying to do the same now he has died.

When Adam apologised to Eva for what his actions had resulted in she told him it was his fault that she now may lose her baby.

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