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Ageing 'disconcerting' for Pike

Rosamund Pike has fears about getting older.

The English actress, who celebrated her 32nd birthday on January 27, sees an older model of herself in Barney's Version, where her character Miriam ages over the span of three decades.

"It's disconcerting seeing yourself older - I'd be very lucky if I age as gracefully as Miriam, but I fear I won't age quite as well," she said.

"You're fearful but it's all creeping up on us. This stuff is coming towards us like an express train."

Ageing the former Bond girl, whom co-star Paul Giamatti described as "gorgeous", took some work.

"We created something real, we did it on how gravity would act on the face. So we added pieces on my eyelids to close the eyes, my cheeks to deepen the lines and folds, and pieces to my neck. We also aged my hands and my decolletage. It was quite humbling," continued Rosamund.

"I certainly appreciated my youth when I took the prosthetics off because suddenly your own face shape, which you might have problems with on a day to day basis, comes back into view," she said.

Rosamund reckons she knows the secret to ageing well - having a young soul.

"Miriam has a great soul and the woman she is based on is still so attractive in her mid-80s, because of her inward magnetism that just draws you in. I think that's the secret to ageing well."

:: Barney's Version is in cinemas now.


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