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Agutter: Jackson is very chatty

Jenny Agutter has revealed she found her Avengers Assemble co-star Samuel L Jackson to be quite a chatterbox.

The An American Werewolf In London star plays a council member in Joss Whedon's new comic book extravaganza and admitted it was strange to back in a big Hollywood studio again.

Jenny said: "I worked with Samuel L Jackson, and he was a delight to work with.

"He's someone who's enthusiastic and loves what he's doing and chats away in the make-up room, which is always fun."

She added: "I've not really done a big movie like that for a long time; that's sort of going back to Logan's Run where one was in the studios, sci-fi and a big movie, but this was big studios in Albuquerque, then they went off traipsing round the States filming in all sorts of locations as well."

Jenny admitted the summer blockbuster is set to be "a big one".

She said: "You've got all of the superheroes which people know, but Joss Whedon has cast all the way through it. He's got some really good people, and he liked the fact that I had a theatre background. He'd seen Equus on the stage in London, but also he liked the idea of American Werewolf and Logan's Run."

Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn is said to be remaking Jenny's futuristic drama Logan's Run with Ryan Gosling.

She said: "When they did Logan's Run, I think it was a different kind of an audience, and they didn't like it to be quite so punk, and it will be. It will be a very young world."

:: Jenny stars in Call the Midwife out now on DVD.


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