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Agyness Deyn says ‘no way’ over possible fashion career return

The actress was one of the most prominent models of her generation.

Agyness Deyn has said she would never go back to fashion modelling, despite how “exhausting” her job as an actor is now.

The 34-year-old, who rose to fame more than 10 years ago as one of the biggest catwalk stars of her time, appears in new BBC pre-apocalyptic crime drama series Hard Sun as Detective Inspector Elaine Renko.

Deyn said there is “no way” she would swap working on the programme for a fashion shoot.


She told the Radio Times: “No chance. Doing this is so physical, and so exhausting, but it’s so alive.

“I’m living the whole character, the whole skin of Renko. That’s what’s exciting.”

Deyn retired from modelling in 2012 to focus on acting and she has appeared in a handful of films, including Electricity and Pusher.

During her time as one of the world’s top models, she appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine and worked for fashion brands including Dior, Burberry, Chanel and Calvin Klein.

Deyn said that she has not thought about how she will be thrust into the spotlight again in the new series, from Luther creator Neil Cross.

Asked about being prepared for the scrutiny of appearing in a major new series, Deyn said: “I haven’t really thought about it like that, to be honest.

Hard Sun

“Yeah, more people will see it than the independent films. But I feel like your next job is your next job. And Renko was the woman for me.”

She added: “I experienced being in the public eye in my 20s, so now all I want to do is be really bloody good at my job.

“It’s only now I’m realising, ‘Oh wow, it’s gonna be on telly!’”

Deyn and Jim Sturgess star in the new series as two very different detectives who discover a mysterious cosmic event is going to destroy the planet, something the British government is trying to hide from the public.

Hard Sun starts on BBC One on Saturday at 9.35pm.


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