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AJ Odudu says rejection from roles left her in a ‘dark place’

The 4Music and Voice UK star said it can be hard losing out on jobs.

AJ Odudu (Isabel Infantes/PA)
AJ Odudu (Isabel Infantes/PA)

By Julia Hunt, PA Entertainment Correspondent

Presenter AJ Odudu has said being rejected for TV roles has left her in a “dark place” and has led to her “attacking every single thing” about herself.

The 4Music and Voice UK star said losing out on jobs can feel “personal”.

Speaking on the Verified Views podcast, she said: “You can be left asking yourself why? Why not me?

“As a presenter as well, it’s your personality. It feels personal. It’s so personal. It’s not even about you know, your CV or your credentials.

“It’s really an attack on you and who you are.”

Odudu, 31, went on: “I’ll attack every single thing that I think, that they may think is wrong with me.

“You know, maybe it’s the way I look. Maybe it’s my accent. Maybe it’s this, maybe it’s that.

“It’s TV – so you see the person who did get the job. You see everything that person is and you’re not that person.

“You don’t think anything positive, it’s just impossible. It’s a downward spiral.”

Talking about the feedback TV personalities can expect after applying for a role, Odudu said: “There’s always a way where we knock ourselves back down. It’s the culture that we’ve been born into.

“So, when you don’t get detailed feedback, that’s worse because there’s nothing to improve on. You’re not telling me anything.

“You have just left me with my imagination which is now in a dark place.”



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