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Al Pacino: Ageing has a bad rap

Al Pacino has told how his latest films reflect the fact he is getting older and embracing it.

The 74-year-old has two projects at the Toronto International Film Festival, which both see his character exploring the regrets, ambitions and ruts of age -Manglehorn, in which he plays a lonely Texas locksmith mourning a bygone romance, and The Humbling, in which he stars as an ageing stage actor no longer interested in performing.

The star said: "Ageing seems to have gotten a bit of a bad rap. Like, what do you do now?

"Someone says how old are you, that's like saying how long do I have left. I can't answer that question."

But Al went on: "We grow in a lot of different ways, and if you listen to your cycles or feel it, that takes you.

"A lot of times I haven't, but I'm starting to. These things I'm doing are expressions of that. I'm trying to be aware of that.

"I think I can enter that world. There are things I wouldn't do now that I would have done 20 years ago. I don't feel it. I'm not there."


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