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Alba: Filming Machete was humbling

Jessica Alba said it was a "humbling" experience to work with director Robert Rodriguez on his new movie Machete.

The actress hit the red carpet in Los Angeles for a special screening of the movie and was full of praise for the offbeat filmmaker.

"I felt very humble, it's very humbling to work with someone that's so talented and creative," Jessica explained.

She added: "He's a renegade, he's amazing."

The 29-year-old said she plays "a very strong kick-a** woman" in the film based on a fake trailer Rodriguez directed for his 2007 movie Grindhouse.

"What's amazing about Robert is he writes women as dynamic and complex as he writes men, not a lot of writers and directors know how to do that. It's quite a gift," she said.

Jessica said she wasn't intimidated by the film's lead Danny Trejo, who is known for playing some of Hollywood's baddest tough guys.

"Danny is the biggest teddy bear, he has a heart of gold, the sweetest spirit, he is the most lovely man ever," she laughed.


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