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Alba happy with child-friendly film

Jessica Alba has said she was glad to be able to make a child-friendly movie her own offspring could see, but won't be changing to a PG-rated career for them.

The Sin City actress voices a character in animated adventure Escape From Planet Earth, where she plays a scheming space exploration boss.

She has two daughters, Honor and Haven, and said of the cartoon: " There was nothing scary in it which I really liked and it was making something my kids could actually watch, which is rare for me. I pretty much usually do movies which my kids will never see."

But Jessica, who has starred in Machete Kills and Little Fockers, said she wasn't making a permanent move to kids' films.

She said: "I've appeared in plenty of movies recently that are inappropriate for them and I'm not going to dictate my career choices based on my kids, but it is nice if I can do something that they can enjoy, that's for sure, if an opportunity arises and luckily it did because this movie is very cute."

Jessica, 32, also explained that her daughter had a tough time seeing how the screen character was different to her mum to begin with.

She said: "Honor is five so she really enjoyed it and she was like, 'Mommy, you play the bad girl, she's evil.' She was like, 'Are you really evil like her?' I'm like, 'Honor, really?' She's fascinated with the psyche of good and bad and what does it mean. I was like, 'No Honor, it was pretend.'

"Then she was like, 'Were you wearing a mask? How did you put it on?' I explained it was a cartoon and she said, 'So you were just recording a voice.' Now she makes her own drawings of different characters."

Escape From Planet Earth is released in cinemas on March 7.


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