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Alyssa Milano on Harvey Weinstein: We look forward to seeing justice prevail

The actress prompted tens of thousands of women to share stories of sexual harassment.


Actress Alyssa Milano

Actress Alyssa Milano

Actress Alyssa Milano

Actress Alyssa Milano, who prompted the Me Too movement, has said she looks forward to seeing “justice prevail” after Harvey Weinstein was charged with sex crimes.

The Charmed actress sparked thousands of women to share their own stories of sexual harassment and abuse after the first allegations against the producer emerged.

She wrote on Twitter: “Today a man whose actions were so egregious that they spawned a global reckoning has been taken into custody.

“Harvey Weinstein shattered the lives of an untold number of women.

“We stand with them, and remain in solidarity with women everywhere who have faced unsafe and abusive workplaces. We look forward to seeing justice prevail.”

Actress Mira Sorvino, who was one of the first to make an allegation of sexual misconduct against Weinstein, tweeted: “Sending love to all my sisters today who stood up against a monster… so many emotions…

“I am proud of and grateful to you all.”

Rose McGowan, who has alleged Weinstein raped her and instructed Doughty Street Chambers in London to bring a harassment case against him, told BBC Radio 4’s PM: “It’s a concrete slap in the face of abuse of power.

“I hope we emerge victorious and if anything we have emerged victorious, no mater what, because people are listening now.”

She wrote on Twitter: “We got you, Harvey Weinstein, we got you.”

Actress Asia Argento, who has also  has also accused Weinstein of rape, said she was “popping this bubbly” after the disgraced mogul surrendered to police to face allegations of sexual misconduct.

The actress also shared a video of Weinstein arriving at the New York Police Department at Tribeca in Manhattan, writing: “What took you so long Harvey?”

She later wrote: “Harvey Weinstein ain’t smiling now.”

TV chef Anthony Bourdain wrote on Twitter: “When you went on record, @AsiaArgento you were sure this day would never come, that you would be crushed, that you were alone. And yet you did it anyway. #perpwalk.”

Argento is one of dozens of women who have made allegations against Weinstein.

Speaking on stage at the Cannes film festival last week, Argento said she predicted the producer would “live in disgrace, shunned by a film community that once embraced him”.

Weinstein has denied all allegations of non-consensual sex.