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Amanda Holden: Shrink got me over my fear of dying

By Sherna Noah

TV presenter Amanda Holden has told how a therapist helped her to stop panicking about her own mortality after she nearly died giving birth to her second daughter.

The Britain's Got Talent judge (44) suffered a stillbirth when her son, Theo, died when she was 28 weeks' pregnant and later, during the birth of Hollie, doctors induced a coma under general anaesthetic for three days.

Holden said: "My therapist told me I had no more tools or coping mechanism left. She was very good at giving me sentences to say to myself to make me stop panicking about my own mortality.

"I think you have none of these worries unless you've got children. If it had just been me and (husband) Chris (Hughes) and I'd died, it would have been awful for him but nowhere near as bad as a child losing their mother.

"It makes you suddenly think, I have to live. I've got to live, but I've got to try and live a good, happy life for me too and I think that's why I faced up to the fact that I needed to speak to somebody. It was a really good thing."

The mother-of-two said that she was not trying for another child.

"I'm not allowed. I would be dead the next time. And I think Chris would say you can have them but you're not having them with me. I've got the two I'm supposed to have. I just had to complete my family to feel like I could be me," she said.

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