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Amelle Berrabah warns against strict diets

Amelle Berrabah has declared that the secret to successful dieting is eating in moderation.

The 26-year-old beauty has been a member of British girl band Sugababes since 2005 after replacing former band member Mutya Buena. Amelle often makes the sexiest female compilation lists found in men’s magazines, and with her slender frame it’s not hard to see why.

The star has now revealed her diet tips, explaining how she manages to stay in shape despite her punishing schedule. Amelle thinks the worst thing a girl can do is punish herself with strict regimes, so she allows herself treats when she wants them.

“The minute you cut something out, you binge on it even more when you finally let yourself have it again,” she explained.

The star also finds time to work out and enjoys a variety of sporting pursuits. Amelle would encourage any woman to hire a trainer as the beauty has really noticed the difference since she starting working hard.

“I’ve been working with a personal trainer and we do a mix of running outdoors, Pilates and weights. “I can really tell my fitness levels have improved,” she added.

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