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Amy Adams is Snyder's Lois Lane

Amy Adams has won the coveted role of Lois Lane in Zack Snyder's Superman.

The three-time Oscar nominee found out she will play Clark Kent and Superman's love interest (to be portrayed by Tudors actor Henry Cavill) in the rebooted franchise, after receiving a call from the 300 director from Paris, where he is promoting his epic action fantasy, Sucker Punch.

"There was a big, giant search for Lois. We did a lot of auditioning but we had this meeting with Amy Adams and after that I just felt she was perfect for it," Zack told the Los Angeles Times.

The filmmaker didn't divulge details about Lois' role in the upcoming film, but said the character is "a linchpin".

"It goes back to what I've said about Superman and making him really understandable for today," he continued.

"What's important to us is making him relevant and real and making him empathetic to today's audience so that we understand the decisions he makes. That applies to Lois as well. She has to be in the same universe as him [in tone and substance]."

Joining Amy and Henry are Diane Lane and Kevin Costner as Superman's adoptive parents, Martha and Jonathan Kent.


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