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Amy Adams: Looks not important


Amy Adams spoke to Vanity Fair magazine

Amy Adams spoke to Vanity Fair magazine

Amy Adams spoke to Vanity Fair magazine

Amy Adams has told how her Hollywood career took off - when she stopped worrying about her looks.

The American Hustle actress, 40, posed with fellow A-listers, including British stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Eddie Redmayne, David Oyelowo and Felicity Jones, for Vanity Fair magazine.

And in a video interview with Reese Witherspoon filmed alongside the shoot, she told how she worried that she wasn't as pretty as other aspiring actresses when she began auditioning for roles.

But she said that the best piece of advice that she'd ever been given was from her manager - who told her not to care.

"I was really concerned because I was auditioning with models. I love models but I'm not as pretty as models," she said.

"And she (Amy's manager) said: 'You have to make a decision that that's either going to be important to you or not, and just focus on your acting and don't worry about the other things'," Amy said.

"It just gave me the freedom to not be self conscious about how I looked and opened up a whole load of different roles for me."

Amy was snapped draped over Channing Tatum's shoulders in the shoot, with the 22 Jump Street star joking: "I'm wearing Amy Adams."

Oscar Isaac, Sienna Miller and Miles Teller are also featured in the shoot, taken by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz.

"Usually you shoot from fairly far away, but we wanted to get really close to the actors," the photographer said. "We made an effort to create a feeling of intimacy. I pushed into them, shooting to the left and then the right, coming in as tight as I could."