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Amy Adams 'stunned' by Trump's obscene remarks

Amy Adams plays a professor of linguistics enlisted to decipher the language of extraterrestrials
Amy Adams plays a professor of linguistics enlisted to decipher the language of extraterrestrials

Hollywood star Amy Adams has admitted she was left "stunned" by the leaked tape of Donald Trump making obscene remarks about groping women.

The Republican presidential candidate has dismissed the recording as "locker room banter" but apologised for the 2005 video in which he brags about making advances on a married female journalist and says he can do anything he likes to women because of his celebrity status.

Walking the red carpet at the BFI London Film Festival premiere of her new film Arrival, Adams told the Press Association: "I just love my news updates, I'm tied to my Google Alerts.

"It's pretty remarkable. I think we are all stunned."

She added that the themes of unity in her movie, in which she plays a professor of linguistics enlisted by the US government to decipher the language of extraterrestrials who have made contact, seem even more relevant as a result of the election campaign.

She said: "Probably more so than when we started filming.

"We started filming over a year ago and now I feel with everything going on in the world, throughout Europe and the politics that are happening in the States right now, there is so much fear and it's nice to be reminded that hopefully we can come out of that fear together to a bigger solution."

Adams' co-star Jeremy Renner, who plays the scientist who accompanies her character on a mission to determine the purpose of the alien visit, branded the situation in the US "a debacle", and added: "Let's get united on ideas and principles of humanity.

"That's my takeaway of the movie, the strength we have when we are united rather than how terrible humanity can be when divided."

He also backed his old friend for the top office, saying: "I'm blessed to work with a woman I respect and admire, she is the main reason I wanted to be part of this movie.

"How about Amy Adams for president? I'll be her VP!"

Arrival is directed by French-Canadian film-maker Denis Villeneuve, who is responsible for drug thriller Sicario and drama Prisoners.

The film will be released in UK cinemas on November 11.



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