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Amy Schumer: I sat next to Kurt Russell during awards but he forgot all about me

He introduced himself to her when she had dinner at his house.

Comedian Amy Schumer has said Hollywood star Kurt Russell had no recollection of ever meeting her, despite the fact they sat next to each other at an awards show.

Amy is starring alongside Kurt’s partner Goldie Hawn in new movie Snatched and said there was an awkward moment when she visited the couple’s home.

She told The Graham Norton Show: “I went to dinner at their house and Kurt answered the door and was so sweet and he gave me the warmest hello, saying: ‘It’s so great to finally meet you, Goldie loves you and I love you’.

“It was so warm and I was like, ‘Thank you Kurt, we sat next to each other at the Golden Globes!’ He had no idea and nobody in this family remembered meeting me.”

Asked if men react differently to her now she is famous, she told the show: “No! Believe me, comedy does not lead to sex. For women I don’t think it really helps.

“Men say they love a funny girl, but they are lying! They like to hang out with a funny girl but that’s it.”

Amy and Goldie play a mother and daughter in the new film, which sees the duo’s exotic holiday turn into a jungle adventure.

They filmed on location in Puerto Rico and told Graham they found a way to still spend time together when they were in different hotels.

Amy said: “We were staying in different places during filming, but we still wanted to drink together every night so we would via FaceTime.”

Goldie added: “It was the next best thing to being together.”

She continued: “I don’t feel the age difference between us but sometimes I do feel maternal towards Amy – as I watch her I think she could be my daughter, my very troubled daughter!”

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