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Amy Schumer unconcerned about ageing because 'looks are not what I trade on'

Amy Schumer doesn’t think looking older will bother her.

Amy Schumer has said she is unlikely to get plastic surgery and is not worried about ageing in front of the camera because she has never achieved anything because of her looks.

The US comedienne – who is outspoken about the importance of body confidence – said the best thing about not having model looks “is that it’s not the thing I trade on”.

She told InStyle magazine: “Once I start looking older, that won’t affect me.

“I have never gotten anything done because I’m, like, so gorgeous.

“I’m good-looking enough that I can work in the business.

“I get enough attention from men that I feel good.

“I see pictures of myself now, and I look younger than I think of myself. It hasn’t scared me yet.”

Earlier this year Amy hit back at body-shamers who said she was not right for the part of Barbie on the big screen, a role she was once linked to.

The 35-year-old credits her parents with teaching her to be confident when she was growing up, saying they gave her the idea she was “a genius supermodel”.

She said she lost self-esteem when she went to college and was surrounded by people she felt were prettier than her, but she later figured out “where my value lay”.

She said: “I’m also realistic because if I look my absolute best and go to an awards thing, I’m still going to be seated next to Blake Lively or Emily Ratajkowski.

“So that can break your heart or you can be like, ‘This is pretty good. I’ll take this level’.”

Amy said she does not think she will go under the knife as she gets older.

She said: “I’m not against it. I’m pretty sure I’ll never get any sort of surgery, but no proclamations.

“Also, I cannot imagine a moment when I will need filler for my face, as if it needs to be filled. Can we unfill this? Let’s get an emptier.”

The star also discussed fame in the wide-ranging interview, conducted by her friend Jessica Seinfeld.

She said she loves that she “can get into places” but admitted fame does have its downsides.

“Most days it’s fine, and then some days it’s like that episode of Black Mirror where everybody’s filming on their cell phones,” she said.

“It’s constant surveillance, and it feels like a violation. It is still new enough for me that I’m bothered by it. I never fantasised about the fame part of anything. I was only afraid of it.”


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