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Anderson entering artistic chapter

Pamela Anderson has said she is heading into a "more artistic" chapter in her career, starting with her role in Werner Herzog's new film.

The 46-year-old former Baywatch star will play the mother of a boy accused of killing his classmates in the acclaimed director's next project Vernon God Little.

Pamela, speaking during a Q&A session at the Taormina Film Festival in Italy, revealed the eccentric German filmmaker had told her he had always wanted to work with her, Variety reported.

Pammie said: "Herzog contacted me saying he's always wanted to work with me. He told me he doesn't want me to prepare for the role at all. He wants me to just go there and put myself in his hands. He said: 'I promise: your performance will be incredible.' Werner Herzog is going to give me acting lessons. I'm so lucky!"

Russell Brand will co-star in the adaptation of Australian writer DBC Pierre's Booker Prize-winning coming-of-age novel as a TV reporter. And boxer Mike Tyson has a cameo as an axe murderer in the film.

Pamela also revealed she is in talks to appear in two TV projects. One, from The Other Woman director Nick Cassavetes, would star the actress as a retired porn star who is trying to start a family. The other project, with Burlesque's Steve Antin, would centre on a 70s brothel owner.

The Canadian star - who also revealed she is working on a new Las Vegas show - said she wants to "get into a more artistic career."

"It just seems like this new chapter. I'm in a much better place, my kids are grown, I feel really healthy. I'm going to have a busy couple of next years," she added.

Asked by an audience member how important her breasts had been in her career so far, she joked: "My boobs have had the career; I'm just tagging along."


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