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Andre's Hendrix revealed in trailer

Andre Benjamin's performance as Jimi Hendrix has been unveiled in the first trailer for Jimi: All Is By My Side.

The Outkast frontman, aka Andre 3000, plays the guitar legend in the film, written and directed by Red Tails writer John Ridley, which tells the story of the time Hendrix spent in London in 1966.

The psychedelic trailer shows Andre performing on stage as the American rocker, even playing his guitar with his teeth.

He says: "I want my music to go inside the soul of a person. For me it's colours, I want people to feel the music the same way I see it."

Andre learned to play the guitar like Hendrix - left handed with a right-hand guitar strung upside down - to boost the authenticity of the film. As the film does not have the full participation of the Hendrix estate, it will not include any of his music.

Instead Andre freestyles on the guitar and reportedly performs covers of classic songs by artists including The Beatles, Muddy Waters and Chip Taylor.

Filth actress Imogen Poots co-stars as fashion model Linda Keith, who heard Hendrix perform in London in 1966 and played a key role in encouraging his career, inspiring the song Sending My Love To Linda.

Captain America star Hayley Atwell plays Irish socialite Kathy Etchingham, who had a relationship with Hendrix during his time in England.

All Is By My Side premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and the trailer features rave reviews for Andre's performance.

The Los Angeles Times said: "Andre Benjamin plays Hendrix with a mesmerising flair."

And Entertainment Weekly wrote: "I can't think of a better way to honour the genius of Hendrix."

The film is due for release in UK cinemas on September 5, 2014.

Meanwhile, Captain America's Anthony Mackie is also set to play Hendrix in a film about the last nine days of the rock star's life. Ol Parker will direct from his own screenplay, with his wife Thandie Newton set to star opposite Anthony.

Hendrix died in London in 1970 from an apparent drugs overdose, aged just 27.


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