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Andrew Garfield: Social situations are overwhelming for me

The actor said he does feel comfortable in the theatre world.

Actor Andrew Garfield has said he finds it “overwhelming” to be in a group of people.

The former Spider-Man star, 34, said social situations can be difficult for him if there are too many people there.

He told ES magazine: “I find it pretty overwhelming being in any social situation that involves more than five people, to be honest.”

Garfield – who recently scooped the best actor trophy at the Evening Standard Theatre Awards for Angels In America – added: “Outside of my closest friends and family, the theatre world is the place where I feel I most belong.

“It’s the most welcoming community that I’ve ever experienced.”


The actor also discussed drugs in the interview, saying he “can only really take substances if it’s a ritual”.

“I mean, weed, I can smoke because it’s just nice,” he said.

“But with hallucinogens, I have to do it in a very conscious way in a place where I feel free and safe, and can have a freak out if I want to. I want to be able to express my insights.”

:: The full interview appears in this week’s Theatre Awards issue of ES magazine, out Thursday December 14.


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