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Aneurin: Panic helped my character

Aneurin Barnard has revealed he used his past experiences of agoraphobia for his new horror thriller Citadel.

The White Queen actor stars in the film about an agoraphobic widowed dad who is battling with a gang of hooded youths to keep his children safe.

He said: "When I was younger I had a little moment of, not chronic agoraphobia the way the character has to deal with, but I had a little bit of experience of that panic feel which completely controls you and the way you are and who you are in that moment, so I could utilise that from my past."

Aneurin said the experience had actually helped his career: "It drives me, I'm the kind of person anything that happens to me I use. I'll always find some fuel for a good thing or a bad thing... I'm a firm believer in life experience, whether good or bad, and if anything the bad stuff I really use to help me along."

The actor also said he made a special effort to tire himself out for authenticity.

"It's a very physical condition, you have hyperventilation... you become very tired and it takes all the energy from inside you." he explained. "Every night I finished filming I'd go to the gym and I'd run a few miles just to get that extra exhaustion for the character because he needed it, every day was a struggle. The best way to show the character was to stay [in character] as long as I possibly could so it was very physically and mentally challenging."

Citadel is in cinemas now.


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