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Aniston drowns out career opinions

Jennifer Aniston has said it can be hard work to make career decisions without being afraid of what other people will think.

The We're The Millers star said she wanted to keep challenging herself, even if it meant she might fail.

She explained: "I just want to keep trying to surprise myself and I want to keep challenging myself and have the courage to really do that, in spite of possible failure.

"You just have to work really hard to tune out the noise and the static. Because it gets louder, and people really have an opinion, and you don't want to shy away from taking chances for fear of what people will say, or living in the wreckage of the future of what may be if I do this."

Jennifer also said she was keen to stay grounded, unlike some other stars: " There's times when you see people climbing and getting success and you start to see, oh, they're starting to really change. So I always just make the effort to be as humble and grateful as possible."

The former Friends star, who will produce as well as star in forthcoming comedy drama Cake, revealed she was interested in doing more work behind the camera: "It's almost more interesting. I think there's something so wonderful about being part of the process from the seed of the idea to seeing it come to life on a screen. And to have a hand in that creatively, not just showing up as an actor for hire."

Jen is engaged to actor Justin Theroux and said that the media attention their relationship gets is strange: " It's on a level that I don't even understand. It's weird. I think because we are so normal. We're very non-fabulous in any way.

"They try to create all sorts of narratives to go with a very normal, wonderful life that's just two people loving each other and living life and working and doing the best they can."


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