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Aniston: I wanted to be a therapist

Jennifer Aniston has revealed how her plan B was to become a counsellor.

In her new romantic comedy Wanderlust, Jennifer is reunited with her Object Of My Affection co-star Paul Rudd to play a stressed-out couple searching for a new, more liberated life.

And the actress admitted that she could have made a career out of listening to people talking about their problems.

"Well, there was the period where I wanted to be a therapist, if the acting thing didn't work. That was pretty much it," she told Collider.

"I don't know why. I was just always the girl that people would come and talk to about their problems, and I still am."

Jen said of working with Paul again: "It was heaven! We were so happy. It felt like no time had passed.

"We've also seen each other, throughout the years, so it was just that excitement of, 'Oh, this is going to be so fun and comfortable', especially playing a married couple and having that ease and familiarity. It was just fun."


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