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Aniston laughs at wedding rumours

Jennifer Aniston has poked fun at the constant wedding rumours that plague her and fiance Justin Theroux.

While being interviewed for US show Extra, the Hollywood star told reporter Rob Estes that she couldn't keep up with what the latest news on her wedding was supposed to be.

Asked about a possible marriage, she said: "Hasn't it already happened? I don't know... I haven't read this week what's happening with us, so I have to look into it."

When Rob told her: "This week is you're going to elope. You're going to go to Tavarua. It's a surf wedding...," she replied: " Where? I don't surf. Ooh, that's going to suck!"

Jen also talked about her new film, Horrible Bosses 2, where she returns to her role as a sex-obsessed dentist who made her assistant's life hell.

Asked if she enjoyed returning to the character, she said: "What could not be fun about bringing back a nymphomaniac dentist?"

On how she tapped into playing the character, she answered: "Oh, just all of the dark sides of my brain probably, you know. It's easy. Once you put those clothes on and that wig, and you just sort of like have your instruments."

Jen added that she would love to return for a third film: "Of course, are you kidding? With bells on. I'll be the first one there."

She said of her own worst job in telemarketing: "It was pretty brutal. I was terrible. Oh God, do you know how angry people get when you call them during dinner? Screaming, 'How dare you call me!' I would just apologise, 'I'm sorry, sorry, so sorry' and hang up. I didn't sell a damn timeshare."


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