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Aniston not bothered by stripping

Jennifer Aniston has said she wasn't too worried about the prospect of playing a stripper in We're The Millers, but the reality hit home when she was on set.

The former Friends actress stars alongside Jason Sudeikis in the comedy and has to strip in scenes where her character needs to prove what she does for a living.

Talking about the idea of it, she said: "I didn't mind, no honestly, that didn't bother me. The main concern was trying to get it to a place where I felt that I had enough to do. The character was a little underwritten so that took a little bit of work... I just thought it was a funny concept and sort of a fun ride."

But on the actual experience of stripping during filming, she said: "It was pretty darn hot and I couldn't wait 'til I got up to that shower. It was quite refreshing.

"That's when you kind of rethink everything but then you have to go do it. I was having fun alone with Denise, my choreographer, in the studio and doing it from top to bottom, having a ball and loving it.

"The next thing you know, you're on a set and there's crew members and it's technical and you have to do that part over and over and over again. It loses what you finally see in the final product."

We're The Millers is released in cinemas on August 23.


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