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Aniston taps into her dark side

Jennifer Aniston has revealed she tapped into her dark side "all too easily" for her role as a downtrodden wife and kidnapping victim in her latest movie.

The Friends actress stars as housewife Mickey Dawson in Life of Crime, based on the novel by Elmore Leonard.

She hit the red carpet in Toronto in a pale grey Vivienne Westwood dress as the movie closed the prestigious international film festival.

In the film, Jennifer's character suffers at the hands of an adulterous husband, played by Tim Robbins, before she is kidnapped by a trio of criminals.

Asked about the darkness of the role, she said: "I think we are all able to tap into that, it's just part of life. It's something that we all experience or have watched or met a woman like that."

The star said she was embracing the opportunity to show a different side of herself in the movie.

"It feels exciting, I love that I'm being asked to play different parts and that I can keep delivering the best that I can and am being given these opportunities. I loved her arc, she was so kick ass and the story was riveting and the actors involved were fantastic."

However, she added the role wasn't without it's challenges. "The physical scenes, the attempted assault, those are the ones where you just want to wrap it up," she said.


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